Key Benefits of Automation

Computer numerical control (CNC) machines are redefining the way that manufacturers create specialized components, finished products and everything in between. CNC lathes, drills, mills and other devices are disrupting virtually every industry, from aerospace to publishing. Today, tools from companies like Fastems are improving the way that automation in Louviers, CO can impact the efficiency, speed and productivity of your manufacturing operations.

There are a number of benefits associated with using CNC machining tools over conventional, manually operated machining systems. Increased automation improves accuracy, speed and efficiency, especially in large-batch production operations. Here are just some of the reasons CNC tools are now the preferred method of developing components and finished products:

  • More precise: One of the most significant benefits of machining operations is its ability to increase the degree of precision with which components and products can be produced. Using a CNC production process, it’s capable to create products and components that perfectly mirror computer models and projections, ensuring greater accuracy.

  • Better scalability: Another significant benefit of the CNC manufacturing process is its ability to rapidly scale up production. Using a single computer-based model, a single machine can rapidly reproduce a product or component virtually on its own. Increased automation tools are making scalability substantially more attainable for companies of all sizes.

  • Improved capabilities: Even the most talented machinists and engineers simply can’t achieve what computer-based systems are capable of. Using a CNC manufacturing process, you can push your materials to do things that previously didn’t seem possible. These improved capabilities can do a lot for your business.

  • Less labor: CNC machining systems require limited human staff to help them produce large amounts of products or components. Reduced labor levels lowers the cost of producing each product or component, and also leads to a safer and less crowded workspace.

  • Improved safety: Today, CNC machines do all of the dangerous work that was previously performed by machinists and engineers. The presence of CNC machines in the modern workplace is making the risk of getting maimed in a machine shop substantially lower.

  • Better uniformity: In the past, it was nearly impossible to perfectly replicate a single design over and over and over again. Today, however, precision automation technology is allowing machinists to create products and components that are perfect replicas of each other using a single computer-based model. CNC machines are going a long way toward improving manufacturing uniformity.

  • Lower maintenance and operational costs: Compared with traditional production methods, CNC machines are exceptionally cost-effective to operate and maintain. CNC machines require less annual upkeep and maintenance than traditional machines. Additionally, because of the lack of labor associated with using a CNC machine, they’re much more cost-effective from an operational standpoint.

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