What Can I Do with Precision Machining?

If you’re new to the world of precision machining and computer numerical controlled (CNC) manufacturing, you may be wondering how this amazing technology can help you improve your current component or product manufacturing processes.

There are several different types of machining tools that use CNC systems, including drills, lathes and mills. CNC machines use a computer-generated 3-D model to create an item that perfectly matches the model. CNC machines differ from other technologies, like 3-D printers, in that they work by cutting away material from an existing piece of wood, metal or plastic, rather than “printing” using liquefied plastic. This results in a stronger, more stable finished product.

CNC machines are used today in a wide range of industries to create components and products ranging from decorative wall hangings made of wood to precision airplane components. Here are just some of the most interesting types of CNC machine-produced items:

  • Surfboards: Surfboards consist of intricately carved wooden interiors that include a series of air-filled wooden cells that keep the board afloat. CNC machining makes it easier to produce these wooden cells, making surfboards more cost-effective to produce, and negating the use of Styrofoam that’s included in some surfboards.

  • Aerospace components: There are a number of aerospace tools and components made using precision machining in Louviers, CO. Because airplane and rocket components need to be made with the utmost precision, CNC processes make it possible for companies to mass-produce accurate renderings of their necessary parts and pieces.

  • Publishing equipment: Publishing houses still rely on lettering carved into a solid piece of metal to print books, magazines and newspapers. CNC machines can make it easier for publishers to ramp up production of metallic lettered tiles, as well as improving other aspects of the publishing process, improving the bottom line in a struggling and changing industry.

  • Guitar bodies: Guitar bodies and other mass-produced musical instruments are often produced with the help of CNC machines. Because CNC machines are so versatile, it’s possible to build a series of guitars based on a single model. CNC-produced guitars are more consistent and uniform in terms of quality.

  • Cooking utensils: Spoons, spatulas, mixing bowls and more are all produced with CNC processes. CNC machines can manufacture everything from wooden ladles to large metallic bowls. The CNC process is applicable for products and components made of virtually any material, including plastic, wood, aluminum, stainless steel and so much more.

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