CNC Milling in Denver, CO

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These days, more and more industrial machine shops in Denver, CO are going digital. But not just any shop can bring in CNC machines and immediately produce quality results—it takes time and a new skill set to deliver projects at a gold standard.

At Focused on Machining, we’ve been a leading resource for CNC milling for more than a decade. We understand what it means to work to precise specifications and tolerances!

It’s why we’ve become masters of CNC milling and why we settle for nothing less than perfection when it comes to the projects we work on.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

While other shops may have a couple of machines up and running, our shop boasts 7 total CNC mills! Within our fully-furnished shop, we also can complete projects that require the extreme precision that only horizontal milling can provide, and can tackle other precision projects on 3 CNC lathes. Our focus on modern, computer-controlled milling equipment has helped us refine our abilities and produce results that are simply exceptional for every one of our customers. It’s why we’re continually recommended for our CNC milling services in Denver, CO.

Industries We Serve

We welcome milling projects from a diverse range of clientele, across all types of industries. Plus we’re an experienced military contract partner and aerospace machine shop in Denver, CO, and we’re proud to offer our capabilities to customers within the following industries and more:

  • General industrial

  • Energy

  • Aerospace

  • Military parts

  • Canning machines

  • Food processing & beverage machines