Machining in Denver, CO

When you have a project that requires precise machining in Denver, CO, the smart thing to do is look for a machine shop that offers complete turnkey services. That means more than just having the right machinery—it also means being able to work across the scope of alloys, while also providing value-add finishing services that ensure the integrity of all the parts and components for your entire range of products.

At Focused on Machining, we do it all. Come to us for everything from aluminum milling to stainless steel. We can also handle your plating and coating services in Denver, CO. We use a variety of materials, such as aluminum, plastic, steel and stainless steel, brass, copper and plastic, to build the perfect custom parts for customers from a wide variety of industries including military parts for the US Department of Defence.



Industrial paint jobs need to stand up to the wear and tear of your products’ final applications. When our team handles your painted products, you can be sure they will. Whether it’s a protective paint coat, a practical color designation or purely for aesthetics, we’ll make sure the final paint job is flawless and perfect.


Plating is the perfect way to improve the look of the products you produce, while also inhibiting corrosion, reducing friction, shielding them from interference and more. We can handle plating services to ensure your finished products live up to your expectations and perform optimally no matter what the final applications may be.

Whether it’s a protective paint coat, a practical color designation or purely for aesthetics, we’ll make sure the final job is flawless and perfect.

Materials We Work With

When it comes to working with diverse materials, we strive for quality. In working hard to deliver the best possible finished components and parts for your products, we’ve become masters in working with several different materials and alloys, including:

Alloy Steels

We can work extensively with alloy steels to produce shafting, automotive parts, tool joints, fasteners and much more.


Oil-hardened steels with uniform hardness and strength, these alloys are apt for forging thanks to their self-scaling characteristic. This alloy is useful for bolts, couplings, shafts, chain links and much, much more.


Chromium-Molybdenum steel offers great versatility and hardness penetration, resulting in good mechanical properties for the likes of shafting, axles, gears, sprockets, fasteners and much more.


Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum steel is the standard for constructional alloy steels, boasting deep hardenability, extreme toughness and great ductility. Its non-distorting nature is optimal for crank shafts, gears and numerous other auto and marine parts.


Formed, with excellent workability, aluminum is a go-to material for intricate formed parts and components. Easily milled and machined, aluminum is our primary focus.


One of the best-known aluminum alloys, this material is marked by high strength and resistance to fatigue. Its strength-to-weight ratio is exceptional and the material boast high corrosion resistance. It’s the alloy of choice for aircraft-grade components and transportation industry parts.


The most versatile aluminum alloy we work with, it offers all of the great properties of aluminum alongside high corrosion resistance and good machinability. This alloy can be used in just about any aluminum application, including throughout the transportation industry.


The highest-strength aluminum alloy available, it boasts the best strength to weight ratio, making it perfect for use in high-stressed parts and rigorous applications. It represents a premium option for aluminum.

Cold Finish Carbon Bars & Cold Rolled Strip

Ideal for applications where dimensional accuracy and stiffness are essential, we’re able to provide required machining and finishing services.


Low carbon steel with a high manganese content, this alloy produces a harder, more uniform case. For parts requiring cold forming, there is no better option. It’s also an essential alloy for applications requiring a soft core, yet high surface hardness


Another low-carbon, high-manganese steel, this alloy is known for its great mechanical properties and carburizing ability. Used in screw machines and for applications requiring close tolerances, it’s also the choice for soft core, high strength surface applications—including gears, pinions and ratchets.


A medium-carbon alloy that boast higher mechanical properties and better free machining capabilities. It’s generally processed in screw machines and are optimal for studs, bolts, pins and other applications requiring precision machining to close tolerances.