What Is CNC Machining?

CNC machining in Louviers, CO is a type of manufacturing process in which computer software controls the movement of the tools used to cut out parts being machined. The process can be used with many different types of machines, including lathes, routers, mills and grinders.

CNC stands for “computer numerical control.” The whole idea is to increase the accuracy and repeatability of manufacturing specific parts and to eliminate human error in the manufacturing process. Manual control over these machines has many limitations, including the need to guide the commands of all of these machining tools with wheels, buttons and levers.

Manufacturers program their desired cuts into the software, then send the patterns to the corresponding machinery, which execute the cuts as desired in an almost robotic manner. A code generator within the numerical system assumes the mechanisms are flawless, though there are still chances for errors to occur, especially if the machine will cut in more than one direction at once.

All CNC programming gets retained in the computer’s memory. The code used for the machining gets written and edited by special CNC programmers, and pre-existing programs can be revised at any time to implement new code that either corrects any problems that arise or makes a brand new type of part.

Types of CNC machines

Here’s a quick overview of some of the most common types of CNC machines used in manufacturing settings:

  • CNC mills: CNC mills can run programs with letter- or number-based prompts. The type of programming used for the mill will be either based on G-code or another unique language created by a team of manufacturers. Most basic mills have a three-axis system, though most new mills can accommodate up to six total axes.

  • Lathes: Lathes cut pieces in a circular direction with great speed and precision. They are frequently used to produce more complex designs that are not possible on manual lathes. Most CNC lathes have just two axes.

  • Plasma cutters: The material placed into a plasma cutter gets cut with a plasma torch. The process is typically used with metal materials, but can also be used with other types of materials. The machine generates plasma through a combination of electrical arcs and compressed-air gas, which produces the heat and speed necessary to slice through metal materials.

  • Water jet cutters: Water jets cut very hard materials, such as metal and granite, by using very focused, high-pressure water streams. The water is often mixed with sand or another strong abrasive substance to increase its cutting power. Many factory machine parts are made using this process. The process also doesn’t generate nearly as much heat like other CNC machines, which is helpful for materials that would be unable to bear such heat exposure.

For more information about some of the most common types of CNC machines and what exactly CNC machining in Louviers, CO is used for, we encourage you to contact Focused on Machining with your questions. We look forward to assisting you soon!